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Lanexang Avenue, P.o. Box 3925   |   From  $83
Km 7, 13 South Road, 894-26 Ban Phakhao, Saythany   |   From  $75
6 Pang Kham Street, P.O. Box: 1618   |   From  $132
Sibounheuang Road, Vientiane   |   From  $65
No. 453, Unit 36, Km 5, Kaysone Phomvihane Avenue   |   From  $55
Souphanouvong Road, Sikottabong District   |   From  $76
189/19 Ban HONGKHA TAI, Chanthabouri   |   From  $46
Unit 6, Plawat Village, Sisattanak District   |   From  $100
1 Fangum Rd, Ban Siangyeun   |   From  $103
248 Khouvieng Road, Ban. Nongchanch P.O.Box 9698   |   From  $145
3 Samsenethai Road, PO Box 6708   |   From  $94

Hotels By Location

B&P Hotel

Location: Wattay International Airport
From $20 Add: Khoonboulome Road, Chantabury District, Ban Watchan

City Inn Vientiane Hotel

Location: City Centre
From $50 Add: Rue Pangkham Nr. Old Stadium

Day Inn Hotel

Location: Wattay International Airport
From $38 Add: 059/3 Pangkham Street, PO Box 4083, Ban Sisaket



The Lao Palace is the only true business traveller hotel in this sleepy little town. Keep in mind the rating is relevant to the country you are in.  This would be no five star anywhere else, but for Laos it had everything i needed. Great and warm staff, good amenities

Bulaskava-United Kingdoom

Ban Pako Resort  was amazing! The bungalows were the perfect size for two people, each with a big front porch and hammock. The bathrooms are just a sink, a toliet, and a showerhead all together, but work great.
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